The Film Making Narrative in Afghanistan with Sam French

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Watching this interview with Sam French, I was struck by the fact that film  making and story telling should be a force for modernization of Afghanistan.   As Americans we as a society are so driven by the popular media, that it is difficult to imagine an entire country which lacks that constant stream of influence on its people. The idea that giving the people of the opportunity to sell their stories, should allow the people of Afghanistan to tell their stories to the world. To affect change.  Some of the stories that need to be told are about he rule of the Taliban, who ruled Afghanistan before the current regime. The Taliban provided a very different point in Afghan history and were responsible for doing away with many of the rights of the people who lived there. There was a purge on modernization and an attempt to block or stop all creativity and thought.  I think it would be fascinating to learn about how people living through this still managed to express themselves in those difficult times. Other interesting topics film makers should look into are the ever changing roles of women.  After centuries of abuse and discrimination there is a period of advancement under US guidance.  It will be interesting to see if this process continues when the troops of the US are withdrawn in the near future. The narrative of film making is a powerful tool that can tell a story, but I often wonder if the world really wants to hear it?  

As well meaning foreigners leave this nation, will the Afghan people revert to an age of discrimination and unjust action. Where women are treated as second class citizens and new ideas are treated as if they are plague carrying viruses, sent to destroy their culture?  Only time will tell, but I can believe there will be an inevitable anti-United States wave of patriotism that will wash over their country and much of the good that people like  Sam French are doing in Kabul, Afghanistan is going to be washed away with a storm of violent reaction to years of war.  


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