The Five Most Likely Clubs to win Champions League this season and the club with most realistic chance

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Champions League the biggest club football competition of the world, this competition is the biggest and most followed after world cup and the popularity of this competition is rising day by day. The winner of this competition is rewarded with lot of prizes, popularity and money being top of it.

This also shows to every other club on earth the winning team is above all of them. The importance of this competition for every top club is highest, every top club fights for this honor, The Champions League trophy is not only the biggest prestige for any club but the money comes with it, is also the largest amount that a club can claim by winning any competition.

Teams fight to win this competition with ultimate priority and consider this as a bigger prize then any of the other Domestic Cups. After it’s first running many great teams have won this competition but the recent history shows the domination of Spanish, German and English teams. However, of them all, Barcelona have dominated this competition having star-studded team and claimed to be the biggest and best in the world. However, the last two winners were Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Real Madrid have won this competition for most number of times and are considered most successful club in the history of club football.


This year’s Champions League is now coming to its final stages with the first leg matches are to be played in the month of February and almost all top teams have made it easily to the final stages. Now the question is, which team will be the team to secure the grandest prize in world of club Football. The final stage have 16 teams that will then change into 8 and then 4 then 2 and then the winner team, the round of 16 contains teams Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, AC Milan and other top teams from all over Europe.

These all teams are very powerful and this make this year a very tough one to call as every team seems to be hungrier and more desperate to claim the biggest prize. First analyzing Barcelona; Barcelona have bought high quality forward in the form of Neymar a great addition to their already much powerful squad, how stronger they became? It was showed in their first part of the season, but with all the good of signing great attacker, Barcelona made the mistake not to sign quality players in defense and the biggest concern is from Messi, who has lost all his magic and is struggling with his form after suffering injury this makes the chances of claiming the title a little low. Real Madrid on the other hand bought a string of great players like Gareth Bale, Isco and other players and with Carlo Ancelotti hired as the manager of the club, with time Real Madrid are now showing the form to win both domestic and international cups, the chances for La Decima are very high and surely are one of the favorites.

Domestically Bayern Munich are seeming unstoppable but their loss at the hands of Manchester City shows that they can be challenged, but Bayern have as well bought quality and are one of the top favorites. Manchester City the richest club in the world bought great players and have new coach in the form of Manuel Pallegrini; one of the best in the world and now Manchester City are scoring for fun all over the place and are at the top of the domestic league table and are fighting for the title. Having the squad and depth to win the competition and have high chances of achieving the victory but they are competing in the final stages of the competition for the first time that’s the only negative point for them, Chelsea have now the great manager Jose Mourinho and have a great squad but lack the striking department to do something special. Manchester United surely have the least chance of all these clubs because of their struggles this season.

Overall the most favorites of the competition are to be Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. The first time participation of Manchester City into the Round of Sixteen reduces their chances of huge achievement. This takes us to the all favorite and great battle of power between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. A great match is in the line, a classic and historic battle if we see Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid in the Final. Hope we see it and their maybe this time when 2014 will be known for La Decima and conquering of LISBON.

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