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Hello Everyone, This is my first video game review on:


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The forest is basically a survival-horror(First person) game.(Ohh and it's open world too.Roam free like a tiger) made by Endnight Games for PC(Windows) and Playstation 4.It was released in 2014.The game was made using the Unity Engine.It's available on Steam for Microsoft Windows(PC) for $14.99 only.
The game is still in pre-alpha stage but playable.
The following game trailer is by the developers and it has nothing to do with me.

My Review:

I personally played the game(Yes I have the original copy,thanks to my friend),So what I really liked about the game was it's open and beautiful world - ready for you to explore it.The wonderful graphics which sadly I couldn't enjoy to my fullest as I don't have a machine good enough to run the game on high settings.

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Not forgetting the game's plot,the wonderful expression the developers gave and as they gradually upgraded the game and as well as the starting scene.It was amazing.
We are sitting along with a child(probably our son),the plane starts wobbling and *boom* the cockpit blows off,the plane crashes on an island,After re-gaining our consciousness we see what one can call a tribe-man or a cannibal(for me). He picks up the child(who is unconscious) and takes him away.While we are there are can do nothing about it so I guess the objective is to retrieve our son

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Along with the graphics the physics are good too,I personally like the part that when you cut a tree, it falls down like a real tree.The sound system is pretty good,gives us the feeling of a good virtual environment.The controls are good and easy.The game settings hand over the command to the users as you can adjust pretty much everything you want your way.

The environment of the game is kind of gloomy,well you're surrounded by the forest where cannibals are wandering.They do attack you.Once you die it's not game-over,you wake up in a cave and have to find your way out to survive if you die there again then it's game-over.
The game starts as we are in the plane(the part that survived with us) and eat some food to fill the health bar and a few items(including an axe) which is essential.Once we get of from this part of the plane we can't get back on it, at least not yet.The game has a good crafting system,easy to use as there is a book(guide) provided to us which shows the crafting recipes.We can collect resources easily from the world.Make shelter and storage's.Sometimes the cannibals gather up and attack you.But you have to survive somehow.You either fight or run.The combat system is cool too but not cool when you die.It's Replayability is of course good, as you just start over when you die.But we don't like to lose all the progress we made. The game supports co-op/multiplayer,which means you can play with other people or your friends.We all love co-op, don't we?
The game gets better as every new update comes out. Well let's hope the game get's completed soon.So we can enjoy the game to it's fullest.And we hope to see more vicious mutants added like the ones we saw in the trailer,to see better buildings,traps and weapons. The game's AI system is also improving.Else it's still in early-alpha so we still can't judge this game completely, it does have some bugs but they fix it time to time with every update.
Annnnd.......You can make a tree house, who doesn't want a tree house ?I know I want one.

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So I rate this game 9.2/10 overall.

What the developers say(Steam):
“The Forest is an Early Access title. It is currently still under heavy development with new features being added on a regular basis. Currently there will be bugs, locked off content, missing features and other possibly serious game breaking issues.

This is it for now guys, Thanks for reading.




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