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 We’ve all heard of some extreme diets and nutritional lifestyles but one that I consider to be the most extreme has to be the fruitarian, which is a diet that includes fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, absolutely no animal product or grains.

 Now I have heard of raw veganism but fruitarianism takes restrictions to the next level. There are multiple variations of this diet where some do not consume seeds  or nuts in any shape or form, while others still consume only fallen fruits and possible veggies.

 It is definitely an extreme diet that should not be applied to any lifestyle without the proper measures to make sure our bodies are not deficient of any nutrientsPeople adopt the fruitarian diet for various reasons some that may be political, religious, medical, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic and/or health reasons.

 The primary reasons why fruitarians adopt the diet is to eat only that which falls naturally from a plant without having to harm or kill a plant. Some who are religious believe fruitarianism was the original diet of mankind during the time of Adam and Eve as described in Genesis 1:29.  

Nonetheless, there are a multitude of variations but the general rule is your daily intake has to comprise of 75% or more of fruits and vegetables.

 It is definitely an extreme diet and can cause more harm than good if done improperly, especially when considering recent news of Ashton Kutcher’s recent rush to the hospital after trying the diet for a couple of weeks in order to get into character for an upcoming movie. Some of the more iconic figures that have been fruitarians at one point or throughout their lifetimes include the grand Leonardo da Vinci, Mahatma Ghandi, who has adopted the diet for six months, and the legendary Steve Jobs.

 So how can fruits and veggies be harmful? You see, our pancreas secretes insulin into our bodies when carbohydrates are consumed. When we only eat fruits and veggies [which have a lot of carbs], our pancreas can be overworked. 

Nonetheless, if you are or are planning on becoming a fruitarian, make sure to be careful and do not go overboard by depriving your body with nutrients that are vital to your health and wellness.

 Always consult with your physician, nutritionist and do your research before making any drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle. Other than that, be healthy!

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