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 Breaking News: car technologies of the future predict augmented reality dashboards and air bags that deploy prior to collision with another vehicle! Definitely has your heart pumping right?

 Now I know what you’re thinking, “No you don't and that’s not really breaking news so…no.” Well, even if I'm not psychic and that’s not what you were thinking, you’re right. 

Even though this form of superior technology in the automotive industry is not yet available, multiple car companies are investing a hefty amount of time and money in order to make this current dream a reality.

 So what is an augmented reality dashboard? Well, according to HowStuffWorks, it is a display that shows basic information as well as the ability to identify objects in front of a vehicle, telling the driver exactly how far they are from the objects.

An AR dashboard will act as the ultimate guide for all drivers on the road (which is awesome when it comes to safety concerns), showing them where to turn and what to avoid; basically, it’s a layer over what the driver already sees in real life.

 Now this superior form of iRobot-style technology is not in our hands just yet but BMW is well on their way in terms of “working on it”; they produced a windshield display showing basic information but crave to make augmented reality indeed a reality. 

In terms of ultimate safety, Mercedes is working on superior air bags that are not only inside the car, oh no they’ll also deploy from underneath your motor vehicle to stop a car right before a crash.

 Basically sensors will inform the air bags to deploy when they ‘sense’ that an impact is inevitable. How awesome does that sound? Now when this happens let’s not go crazy crashing into cars just to see it work.   

Before we get overly excited (like I am) over the implementation of these new forms of technology in the world of motor vehicles, let’s remember that these new additions will not be around for several years.

 So, that means we have just enough time to start saving up the hefty price one of these babies will cost us when they are revealed.  So let’s start saving!

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