The Future of Syria and the current world

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   Recently,Syria has forced to buried hundreds of Civilian Syrians due to the use of chemical weapon. Even though the current UN peacekeeping force is under detailed review,the political world was not agreed on one precise point.The US and most of the western countries said that the government of Syria is the reason for the use of Chemical weapon.On the contrary,the Russian Federation and China said that the anti-governmental forces were the reason for the killing of the civilians.The Obama government was initially trying to wage a war against the Syrian government but after a while the influence that is vested from different nations of the world had a negative impact for the execution of the war.

Syrian government said there will be no place to kill its own people through the banned chemical weapon so that the anti government forces were the primary reason for the mass death.

The fate of Syria is still under threat.Syrian refugees has been increasingly departed their country and distributed like sand  to different nations.There must be something sustainable peacemaking event for this nation as soon as possible.Otherwise things become too much complicated!


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