The Good Effects of Cosplaying

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Previously, I’ve written two blogs relating to cosplay. One about my experience and the other, some tips to help you win the contest.

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For the last part of my cosplay blog series, I’ve thought of making a blog to highlight the good effects of cosplaying because I know most people think cosplaying is only a child’s thing and a waste of time. Let’s erase that perception.

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Cosplay is a combination of the words "costume" and "play" which originated in Japan. In Japan, they say it as "kosupure." Cosplaying is the act of dressing up to look like a certain character from a movie, anime, manga, game, etc. This activity is very popular to anime fans, gamers, and the like.


All that we do and everything around us has a positive and negative impact on us. I am not writing this blog only to show the positive effects of cosplay, in fact, I will share to you the two negative effects I could think of. Expensive and time-consuming. Cosplay being expensive is a no-brainer. Meanwhile, it is time-consuming because it will eat most of your time making your costume, props, makeup, and planning for your skit. (If ever you're competing for a contest.) 

That's all for the negative effects. No need to ponder on the negatives because the world needs more positivity so let's focus more on that. Here are the positive effects and benefits you could get through cosplaying!


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First positive effect of cosplaying is that it will test your resourcefulness, especially if you are on a tight budget. You make use of things around you to build props and even for parts of your costume. Thus, also a form recycling. Ready-made props and costumes are expensive so being resourceful will really save you lots of money, but will require you lots of effort.

For example, a Naruto ninja leg bag costs around Php 500 to 600 on one local online shop. Instead of buying it and spending such amount for a leg bag we will only use once, I gathered some of our empty light bulb boxes, got some black art paper on my shelf and bought black and white elastic garter for less than a hundred Peso. Voila! Instant ninja leg bags! See how fun cosplaying is? You get to realize that some things you thought have already no use still actually have. It may take time to turn it into a masterpiece but I'm pretty sure your cosplay will be more special because the props is made by you.


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Aside from making you resourceful, cosplaying greatly challenges your creative and artistic side. Turning a piece of cloth into a costume, rubber or foam to armors, painting something to look like a real metal, etc.

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Even doing your makeup promotes creativity. If you look at it closely, cosplay is a very good stage for showcasing your talent of being creative. Cosplaying is a battle of creativity and imagination, of how you can make something come to reality accurately.


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You don't get to wear superhero or anime costumes everyday and so cosplaying gives you a chance to try things you don't usually do. For me, there are lots of things I've experienced for the first time through cosplaying. I got to wear a wig, costume, and contact lenses. My parents were even worried the contact lenses might hurt my eye. It was also my first time to sew a large piece of cloth and edit audios for our performance. (My first time to use Adobe Audition as well!) Cosplay really had stretched my patience and creativity. From costumes, to music, to planning our skit. Pretty sure, cosplaying would open doors for you to experience something you usually don't. I guess one of the best experience you can have which you don't get everyday is the feeling of being a celebrity...or probably a mascot? (Lol.) Either way, it is overwhelming and amazing to have random people ask you to have photos with you. Feel popular even for just a short time! 


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It can literally change someone's life; it's very positive for young teenagers to get into cosplay if they do it with their friends or with supervision from their parents - it can really foster their social skills.
-Yaya Han

The attention and praises you'll receive from family, friends, and random people can definitely uplift you, which can make you feel better and confident. Doesn't it feel good when they say you look good in that costume? Or you look just like the character you are cosplaying? Or your costume and props looks so on point? For sure, all doubts and insecurities lingering in your thoughts will be washed away and will be replaced with an extra kick of confidence. And when you have confidence, you will be braver facing the crowd! Going out to cosplay doesn't only give you a satisfaction of portraying your character but also brings a deeper nice effect to you as a person. Who knows, this might help lessen your feelings on stuffs you are unconfident of. It can also improve your mental health. (LINK)


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Cosplaying definitely paves way for new friendships. With tons of cosplayers and visitors you'll meet, you'll surely get along with someone or a group. And this camaraderie will be very special because you share the same interests and hobbies. How cool and wonderful it is to have found your otaku tribe, right? You'll now have people to discuss with regarding anime and cosplay stuff, etc. The people who wouldn't think you've gone crazy when talking about such stuff. With that said, cosplaying doesn't only improve your confidence but also your socializing skills because you can't avoid socializing with people when you cosplay.


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Posing, acting, dancing, and probably singing? Who knew cosplaying can be a way for you to improve on these areas? Joining cosplays will certainly push you to be a total performer or a multi-talented cosplayer in no time! Thus, improving your confidence in performing as well.


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For adults, cosplaying may no longer be appealing, but for those who would dare to try it will definitely feel going back to their youth. I am sure that your inner child or maybe inner teenager will come out once you are in your costume of your favorite superhero! (...or villain?) This is the time for a perfect excuse to bring out your inner child, talk about your favorite fictional shows and stuff with like-minded people, and sing along to the theme song of your favorite anime blasting from the speakers in the venue. Oh, how fun could that be! Just a reminder if you may feel too old for cosplaying, you're in a camouflage with your costume so don't worry about it.

For your information, cosplay isn't only for kids and teenagers. I haven't been to a cosplay convention but based from several videos I've watched, most people who attend and cosplay on such events are on their 20s, 30s, and mid to late teens. You'll also spot kids but their quite few. Why? School stuff, of course. So NO, cosplay isn't only for young people, but also for the grownups who are young at heart. And since a convention is attended by people of different ages, there's also a high possibility of being friends with someone way older or younger than you are. What a beautiful friendship that must be.


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People seeing their favorite character come to life will surely make them smile and ecstatic. Therefore, cosplay does not only give positive effects on the cosplayer but for the crowd as well. You wouldn't know how much joy you've given someone, especially a kid, when you've posed for a photo with him/her or when seeing you perform on stage. Now that I've mentioned it, I think the best positive effect of cosplaying is making people happy. Don't you think?


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Cosplay may be a waste of time and money to most but it has undoubtedly good benefits and also a very fun recreational activity. It helps you discover, learn, and develop skills you usually don't get anywhere else. Who knows, your talent in creating cosplay costumes, props, and stuff could open opportunities for you. Like making it as a business or maybe gaining popularity wherein you get paid or sponsored to cosplay. Cosplay isn't just about visuals. It's something more beautiful than that.

(video source: Rescue the Princess! via Youtube)

Thanks for reading!

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