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last friday, we all decided to go for the party and have lots of fun together somewhere but the venue was not sure we decided to take some material with us to make or meal by ourselves.For this purpose,I bought the fresh meat of chicken from the market and put some spices,tomato and potatoes,green chilies with me.

One of my friend saying that why not to go to the village side to have a fun over there and take the trousers to have a bath in the canal it will be fun.Me and my brother and one of my friend taken our clothes with us for the purpose.

It was a very cool weather at that day we decided to leave at 1:00 Pm at Noon with on the carry with 2 of uncles and father 1 friend and my brother . We reached to our spot in half and hour of time.We changed our clothes and move to our next destination where we decided to take bath.It was not far away from the side where we reached but we were on foot and reached after 5 minutes at a walk distance.

As the video shows that it has not taken too much time to be in the spot and we had a lots of fun there I have taken many picture of the spot in different poses which i wanted to share with you all.

The water was you so cool and freshing although the colour of the water was not looking so good but the its the layer of the water that was not perfect but going in the water freshing and cool.

This my brother and i told him to go down in the water first so that i make some pictures and take bath first as you can imagine the flow of the water is not much because of the not much rains and all and the background of the picture is so freshing,and many open spaces,fields and cool breeze as well.

The level of the water was not high and also not threatening to driving as it was in the recent past.The canal flow of water was just unbelieveable that nobody can stay in the water prolong now the water level is looking almost near to the knees but in the past the level of the water was closing to upper level.

And I told them to stay in the water and both should throw the water to each other fast make it as the water Fight.

The atmosphere was fantastic and the water was so cool i said that i want some pictures right now to make some poses in that sense and some more pictures i added in this regard i the one as well wanted to go inside the water to play and enjoy with it.

The water is coming in the canal from the dam Named as Khokhar Zair Dam and the bank of the canal is 20 to 30 feet above from the tube level and tubes that are using to supply the water are made of cements and concrete so make it hard.

And those mega stones that are used in the canals specials cut in to pieces put in the water to resist the water and increase the water level in the canal those are heavy stones brought from the CHOA SAIDAN SHAH from the native town specially known for the rock and other SPECIES and MINRALS and the SALTS etc.

Making fun in the water ,taking bath and all the stuff to enjoy ourselves,my uncle and others where cooking on the other side of the fields we fight in the water throwing water on each other and some times the water puts inside the ears which was the irritating one.

My brother was in the water and he felt some on his foot imediately jumped out from the canal saw his foot nothing present just felt something under the water as a little stone in it that he felt not something very dangerous.The water was cold enough because it is coming right away from dam and supplying through the cemented long and big pipe lines that no sun light is effecting at all and also the flow of the water is so powerful that it crosses all the hurdles.

As i told you that the place where standing it is 20 to 30 feet above form where the dam is but still the water coming across in a rush.

In this picture they were to the next of the water where the level is little high and i told them not to go so deep because of the level.They played a game over there how much anybody could stay in the water for so long with his head in it the water.

  They both spend almost an hour in the cold water and the my friend was shaking a little with the cold water as i asked him to better come out from it he said its ok it will not be available in home its like a paradise.

All the time before i was waiting outside in fact taking pictures outside of the water,now it was my turn to come in man after a long time i was going into an open water and eventually i felt the cold water and also the flow of the water was not so much high as it was not felt.I fought with my younger brother called water fighting as throwing water on each other.

We decided not to throw the water so fast as it is so clod and the it is also irritates while going in the ears just a simple with the hands used to collect the water and throw on each other.

Even though i am not a good swimmer but the level of the water was not threatening so I tried some of my skills as my friend told me how to handle yourself in the water.

We spend a lot of our time in taking bath in the cold water in the canal and it was the time to move on towards the cooking area because the calls are coming from them as we were busy in our work of joy.

My brother found a heavy stone beneath the water it was so heavy that one person can't lift it alone so I was with him to hold the stone and lift it up from the water it was so slippery because of staying a lot of time in the water.

It was very good time in the canal and we all throughly enjoyed our time in the water because it is summer going on in Pakistan and we were looking for some coolest place and nice time to be in with the Grand party and also cooking there 

Unfortunately I was late coming back in the cooking place not able to take the cooking pictures all the work has been done before reach so 

                                                                                Better luck next time 

                                                        we all enjoyed our time

Thank you bitlanders                                                            





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