The Haunted Castle [Story by Haider Khan][Part 4]

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"Okay, so the plan is, we find an openeing and escape through it. Got it?" Asked John, and the reply he got was yes. They both prepared them selves. Just as they were going, they saw huge joker like toys guarding an entrance. There was no other door so they had no other choice but to go through that door. "No way, NO WAY I am going in there!" Said David pointing his finger towards the door. "YOu want to see your mum and dad? do you?" Asked John, and David rellied he dearly wanted to. So David agreed, and John at that instance made a plan.

John took a few took out his clothes and wrapped them around his body and head, making him look like a toy. Similarly David took out his clothes and dressed like a toy. They walked like zombies and moved towards the door. The Jokers stopped petrolling and looked at them. They eventually talked! John and David both freaked out in their hearts. The Joker asked "You no have right go in there." The Jokers were not skilled in english but both the kids got what they said. John replied in the same accent "We do go inside check area." The Jokers looked at him, and eventually smiled and giggled. One of the Jokers immediatley said "Better move before we crush" John and David looked at eachother, and what they decided, and hoped that each of them would understand, was to immediatly run into the door and lose the jokers as they previously lost the other flying toy

They both immediatly rushed into the door. The Jokers were huge and so were slow to react. They ran and ran again, and were infact successful in losing the giants. "Phew! That was close!" Said John. He told David that they should act fast as they have been down here for almost 4 hours. But they didnt notice where they reached. They eventually got into the place of the creator, the one who eventually created these beasts, what was to happen now?

End of Part 4

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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