The History Of Oil

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Oil began to from millions of years ago.This process started with the tiny plants and animals that lived in the earth's oceans.
When they died , they sank to the bottom of the sea and rotted. Then , they were covered by other things , including rock, which sometimes pushed them deep into the earth . For millions of years , the chemistry of those tiny animals and plants changed.
Hydrogen and carbon came together and made hydrocarbons .
When that happened , oil and natural gas were formed.
There are several likely places where oil may be found. These include deep under the sea , under the desert or under the ice and snow.
When crude oil and gas come from the ground , they are mixed with many other substances. These can be solids , liquids and gases .
Before the oil and gas can be used , unwanted substances must be removed at a refinery.
Oil products have become part of our daily life. Clothes , plastic toys , cars , roads, furniture and buildings all contain hydrocarbons. Our lives would be very different without them...

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