The Holy Prophet[S.A.A.W]

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The Holy Prophet[S.A.A.W]:

Hazrat Muhammad[S.A.A.W] the last prophet of Allah,was born in the holy city of Makkah.His father,s name was Hazrat Abdullah.He died before the birth of Holy prophet[S.A.A.W].His mother,s name was Hazrat Amna.He was brought by his grandfather,Hazrat Abdul Muttalib and uncle, Hazrat Abu Talib.When he was forty,  angle Gabriel appeared with the first revelation of God. He was chosen as the last prophet of Allah.

The Greatest Educationist:

Hazrat Muhammad[S.A.A.W] stressed upon the right kind of education. He [S.A.A.W] made education a religious obligation. He [S.A.A.W] taught howto teach effectively. To attract the attention of the listeners,he 

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