The Hunger Game

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Today in am writing about the famines occur in different region of the world. Famine means deficiency of foodstuff. Famines may also occur due to problems by humans like wars etc. the most dreadful famines in the world was Ethiopian famine which comes in 1983 to 1985 and other famine is Korean famine comes in 1990s. The major causes of famine are distribution of food, drought, flooding and increase in population.

Unequal distribution of food is arising by the greed of politician. The humans reach at a point in science where better quantity and quality of food is produced. Today sufficient food is present that can be supplied to every living being. But due to political and governmental glitches food is not equally distributed in in this world. In this way in regions like Australia, America and Europe but at the related time there is no food for feed the people in countries like Somalia etc.

Drought is another type of famine. Drought is the age when enough water is not present for drinking. It’s begun due to dearth of rainfall. Drought affected the plantation.

Flood is another cause of famine. It comes due to over filling of canals and waterways. After flood crops cannot grows immediately. This results in famine.

Increasing population is the cause of famine. Increase in population decrease the amount of food. When strength of people grows then deficiency of food also increases. In this way famine comes in this region where population increases.


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