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♦♦♦ Movie Synopsis ♦♦♦

The movie starts with Katniss Everdeen, now seen as the Mockingjay, seemingly still suffering from trauma and shock. In the ending of Catching Fire, she shot an arrow tied in wires directed towards the force field causing it to break apart. The security cameras got destroyed losing signals to live broadcast.

Shortly after the incapacitating lightning struck and injured Katniss, a hovercraft came to rescue her. She woke up to see her allies Beetee, who was still unconscious, and Finnick who was having conversation with Haymitch and Plutarch. No peeta was on sight, and was later revealed that he was held captive in the Capitol, together with fellow victors, Johanna Mason, Annie Cresta, and Enobaria.


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◙ The Fallen District 13 ◙

All four of them headed to the District 13, which was long believed to have been wiped out. As revealed to Katniss, the district had managed to survive and rebuilt itself isolated from the rest of Panem. Its own government and peopla had been preparing for rebellion against the Capitol to gain the freedom for all districts that had been tortured and treated unfairly.

In District 13, Katniss met its president, Alma Coin. She invited her to be the face of the rebellion, the symbol of Mockingjay, as she already touched and inspired many people from across all districts. Katniss, who was still frustrated over Peeta not being rescued, angrily declined.


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Gale talked to her and explained what happened to their own district. He showed her the current condition of the place filled with fallen structures and dead bones of their fellowmen.

◙ Rebels would be Killed ◙

In other districts, people could be seen being contained by peacekeepers as President Snow announced that all rebels against the Capitol would be held captive and punished. Anyone who would be seen with any symbol resembling to a mockingjay would be killed.


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This came off before Peeta was aired being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman regarding constraints happening. In the interview, Peeta called for ceasefire indicating war couldn't benefit anyone. However, Katniss felt he wasn't being genuine and thought he could be forced to say those things. That night she dreamt of him.

◙ Katniss Everdeen is the Mockingjay ◙

The next morning, Katniss went on to see President Coin and Plutarch. She now agreed to be their Mockingjay on one condition, tributes held captive in the Capitol would be granted pardon once they succeeded the war.


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At first, President Coin disagreed, stating that in District 13 all things go through a fair tribunal process. Katniss aggressively declared the tributes would be pardoned, or they would need to look for a new Mockingjay.

Plutarch exclaimed that she was the Mockingjay, the one he had been fussing about. Coin took a stepback from a seemingly faked former response, and declared the other victors held captive in the Capitol would be granted pardon as Katniss wished.

Coin announced on all District 13 that Katniss had already agreed to be the Mockingjay. They had Effie Trinket as her personal stylist. Effie showed her a costume, designed by Cinna who was revealed to have been killed, saying that he had entrusted it to be made for Katniss when the time comes she agreed to be the rebellion's Mockingjay.

◙ "If We Burn, You Burn with Us" ◙

As the team prepped to launch Katniss as the Mockingjay for everyone's viewing, they found lackluster in her performance of her script. Haymitch then pointed out she was loved and had touched people with her own genuine actions,things she did that she was not told.

They decided to shoot at a medical quarter in District 8, where there were a lot of children, women and injured men. When they were finished and about to leave the location, a bombing squadron from the Capitol arrived and attacked the place.


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Gale and Katniss shot firing gun and arrow at two hovercraft which landed to the medical quarter, burning the entire structure down. Nobody survived. After this horrendous act, Katniss showed the camera what happened and sent a strong message to Snow.

You can torture us, and bomb us, and burn our districts to the ground. But do you see that? Fire is catching. And if we burn, you burn with us."

◙ The Start of Revolution ◙

When District 13 showed the clip to everyone, Coin told Katniss that Plutarch's faith in her was not misplaced. Shortly after the happened a revolt in District 7.

Another clip of Peeta being interviewed was aired where he was convincing everyone to stop with the revolution. He was also urging Katniss to stop. That night, they decided to film a clip which would show what happened to District 12 to let Peeta know what happened to his district.

Another revolt happened in District 5 where rebels attacked the Capitol's primary source of electricity, a hydroelectric dam. They were singing the song "The Hanging Tree" which Katniss sang in their latest filmed clip.

◙ Attack on District 13 ◙

Another interview of Peeta was aired. But this time, Beetee hijacked the Capitol's system showing the clip of District 12. Peeta begged to Katniss, and gave out a warning of Capitol's planned attack to District 13 before being dragged off and ending the live broadcast.


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Red Alert was raised in all District 13, and everyone was safeguarded into deep underground shelters. After a long night of bombings, they survived the attack with no casualties.

In the morning, as they went off their shelters to film a video showing they were all alive, Katniss and the team found litter of white roses scattered on the ground. She realized it was Snow's warning that he had Peeta and could kill him anytime he would deem necessary. And so she emotionally refused to shot the film.

◙ Rescuing Peeta and the other Tributes ◙

Haymitch went off to find Katniss and revealed to her their plan to rescue Peeta and the other captive tributes. Coin appreciated Peeta's act of sending a warning of the supposed attack which gave them few minutes more to prep up. Boggs and Gale would come with special elite force to penetrate the Capitol, into the Tribute Center.

Beetee hijacked the Capitol's defense system allowing the team to go through. He broadcasted a live narration of Finnick's experience as a tribute and how Snow sold him and his body to rich individuals in the Capitol. That, if he would decline, Snow would kill his loved ones so he couldn't say no.


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When the team already reached the Tribute Center and was about to save the tributes, Finnick's broadcast got lost and was interrupted with Snow. Beetee lost signal to the team.

To let Beetee a shot at the Capitol's system again, Katniss presented to air herself in the hopes that Snow would want to see her on broadcast. He showed up once again, and engaged in a short conversation with Katniss, hinting that he was aware of the mission and that it was intentional to let the team in the center.

◙ Hijacked and Brainswashed Peeta ◙

That night, Katniss was informed that Gale and the entire team was able to escape the Capitol safe. They were able to bring all the tributes including Johanna, Annie, and Peeta.

Katniss then made her way to visit Peeta, and was in utter shock to see him stricken. Few second later, he went off to attack her to almost death when Boggs knocked him out.

She soon woke up traumatized and confined in a medical facility. She was informed that Peeta was hijacked by Snow, brainwashed into killing her. They used a tracker jacker venom to manipulate and associate memories of her with terror and threat.


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This was the reason they allowed the team escape with no harm and bloodshed, thinking Peeta would be their weapon to kill Katniss. Peeta was kept in restraint to keep him from any imposed danger and away from Katniss, while an antidote was being developed to counteract the effects of tracker jacker.

◙ Taking Over District 2 ◙

Coin announced to all the districts that they had successfully rescuef the captive tributes. Now, their next goal is to take over District 2, the only one remaining loyal to the Capitol.

The movie ends with Katniss watching as Peeta forcefully restraining from his ties.

♦♦♦ My Movie Review ♦♦♦

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 was the third installment on the Hunger Games Trilogy based on Suzanne Collins's novel of the same title. It was broken down into two parts, which received mixed reactions from moviegoers and movie critics.

It was the lowest earning movie on the trilogy. Which to me was saddening given that it was really a great film. Out of all the four movies, I would say this was my most favorite.

Here, let me dissect the movie further to properly and effectively convey my two cents of The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1.

◙ Francis Lawrence as Director ◙

I want to begin with pointing out Lawrence as the director for this third installment. This was his second time to direct in the trilogy, as he did The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well.

It is really necessary, to say the least, that Lawrence did a fantastic job in this one. I had given him a not so good feedback in my previous movie review, and I felt this one is a reviving act for him.

As what I had previously mentioned, Lawrence tended to focus on the narrative of the story. Which he did again in this film. But this time around, it did not hurt the movie's performance.

Since, in contrast to Catching Fire, Mockingjay's primary strength was its storyline, rather than the action sequences. It was more suitable for his directong approach. He was able to bring out the fullest of emotions of the script onto the screen.

◙ The Storyline, Deaths, and Finnick ◙

I want to be as honest as possible, and so I'd say I cried silently during some parts in the movie. This includes the Part 2 already since I am reluctant that I would be able to make the review for it. I cried when Katniss and her team visited the medical quarter in District 8. I cried when Boggs died and entrusted the mission to her. I cried when Katniss mourned over Prim's death.


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There were just a lot about the movie this time around. Not just the games, not just the action stunts.

The most daunting part about the movie was when Finnick died. He was defending Katniss from giant lizard mutts to his death. And she couldn't help him at all. What was worse was towards the ending, it was revealed that his wife, Annie, gave birth to his child, who he was not able to meet. It still clenches my heart to think of it.

◙ Jennifer Lawrence Will Always Be Katniss Everdeen ◙

I couldn't find any better words to describe Jennifer Lawrence's performance in this movie, and all the installments of this trilogy. She was so effective I felt a pang of agony when her loved ones and closest comrades died. You should see her scene with Prim's cat, and you'll understand what I am saying.

Jennifer Lawrence is not just a beautiful face, or a physically strong woman with stunt skills. She is a great character actress as well. She is, and will always be, the Katniss Everdeen. No wonder this movie is about women empowerment! Do you support this movement? Let us know by answering the quelrlo chat below.

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Overall, I would say that this movie is my most favorite of all the Hunger Games movies I have seen. I have seen all four of them, and judging from all aspects, this one had appealed to me the most. I am really into action films, and although moviegoers and critics said it lacked of it, I already got my right dose of the stunts. How about you? What is your favorite kind of movie? Let us know by answering the querlo chat below.

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What I really loved the most about this film was the storyline. As what I have mentioned earlier, the plot was just superb to me. It was emotional and thrilling. Match it with the excellent performances of the actors, most especially Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Sam Claflin.

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