The Impact of 30 Years War On Afghanistan

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War has a bad impact on all parts of our life society. War destroys the basic structure of a community. War a disastrous phenomenon has a negative, destructive and bad impact on the infrastructure, culture, education, economy and in all aspects of life.

Unfortunately, my beloved home country, Afghanistan has been affected by this phenomenon since from last 30 years. More than 2 million innocent people have been killed in the Soviet Union War in Afghanistan, and also in a civil war which was fought after the defeat of Russia.These two Wars greatly and sufficiently affected the fundamental structure of Afghan Community and society.

These wars has not been still comes to an end, but it becomes prolonged because the "War on Terrorism" has been started after the attack on Twin Towers in America. The America attacked Afghanistan in 2001, which also ruined Afghanistan. Thousands of people have been killed. Hundreds of homes turned to graveyard.

Now let us see what the effects of 30 years wars on Afghanistan are. Firstly the economy which is the back bone and main blood vessel to run a country is totally has been destroyed, and it is difficult for Afghan Nation to rebuild it rapidly once again. When Afghanistan Government runs his economy, the conflicts confront the developing procedure of economy, which destroyed all the economic structures of a country.

Secondly, the war is responsible for the destruction of Culture Heritage of Afghan Nation. 30 years wars completely destroyed every aspects of culture of Afghan Nation. Some appreciable steps has been taken after the Taliban Regime to rebuild the Cultural Heritage but still some of Afghan monuments are on the edge of a cliff near to be fall, but we the Afghans are hopeful to retain it back.

Furthermore, during 30 years the Human Rights have been buried in the land of Afghanistan. There seems nothing to give rights to the people. The Jihadi Leaders crossing the barriers of cruelties. The people are so frustrated from those groups, whose are responsible of Civil War in Afghanistan.

Moreover, war destroyed the Educational Sector of Afghanistan completely. There were uncertainties of Education during 30 years wars. The students are so disturbed mentally and economically because of Civil War, which stops the development of Nation. Now currently some good steps and efforts made, to rebuild the education sector of Afghanistan once again.

In the last, one could that Afghanistan has been ruined in every aspect of life since from three decades and the country are still facing a lot of destructions, violence and cruelties. A lot of efforts have been made since from last few years but fruitless. The people are still becomes the victim of war and anxieties. Now let see what will be the picture of Afghanistan from 2014. Being an Afghan I am hopeful that we will get rid of war and make our beloved country a peaceful country, because a fact that:

                         “After     every     dark    night,     there   is   a     bright    day.”


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My full name is Masood Khan.Basically, i am from Afghanistan, but living in Pakistan.
I am doing Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from University of Engineering And Technology, Lahore,Pakistan.

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