The Importance of grounding

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The Importance of Grounding 

It is well documented  your personal health is mainly dependent on clean drinking water, fresh air and natural food.

A few more important pointers are listed here below.

1...Chew your food

2...Eat smaller portions.  Helps the digestion 

3...Dont eat late at night. No later than 8pm is recommended by some.

4...Dont eat and drink at the same time.

5...Keep away from processed food and table salt 

6...Celtic Sea salt or Hymalayan Rock salt is advised 

7...Brisk walk daily for around 5 miles.

8...Correct breathing exercises

9...Drink clean water before rising in the morning. 

10..Reduce your flouride intake if possible.. Water and Toothpaste etc

11..Maintain a set routine before bedtime and in the morning. 

12..I ground myself morning and night.

13..Use a grounding mat when on computer and other electric appliances

14..See web site for grounding equipment. 


16..Dont stay on computer for long periods.

17..Reduce your time on your mobile phone to a minimum

18..Some good water filters take out the goodness in the water.

19..I use a gravity non electric water filter 

20..Try to get a minimum of 6 hours sound sleep.

21..Set a regular time pattern for sleeping. Mine is 10pm at night.

22..Relax and clear your mind before bedtime.

23..Dont go to bed on an argument. How ! You decide.

24..Dont watch horror movie or like before sleeping.

25..Worry about tomorrow the next day.

26..Dont cross your feet in bed. Nurse will tell you off !

27..Before bed read a book or so yoga or similar.

28..Do someone a kindness everyday

29..DONT sleep all night on an electric blanket.

30..Dont sleeo with your mobile phone on your pillow. 

There is a number of great videos on the Groundology web site. 


There is planty more advice but dont want you falling asleep too soon. lol

Hope this personal advice accrued over a lifetime is of some value yo you

Heres to your Health and Wellness in 2016

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