The Knowledge Is Power

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“Knowledge Is Discipline For Adventure Of Life”.


Money and physical strength are often regarded as an instrument of power.In older days a man with powerful body was considered to be natural leader of his tribe. similarly a man of wealth commands great influence in the community. If he can’t great what he wants he can buy it.

“Knowledge Is A Book Read It”.

“Knowledge Is A Journey Complete It”.

We have to admit, however that knowledge person attains height. It is with power of his knowledge that a man today cross the ocean, travels through space and can blast mountain to lay railways tracks. Knowledge is highly valued by our HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W), “Iqra was first revelation upon our HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W) and Said

  “Seek Knowledge From Cradle To Grave”.

According to this saying we can easily understand the value of knowledge. The great quantity of knowledge is that if once gained it, cannot be stolen while it cannot be rise and fall.

“Knowledge Grows From More To More”.

It is power in moral and intellectual spheres also it enables us to distinguish between right and wrong. It is an account of his powers of knowledge that man have happily laid down their lives for higher value of humanity on history. Knowledge is the ability to listen to almost everything without losing our temper and self confidence.

Jihad –Bil –Qalam is highly valued because “pen is more important than sword.”In the world of knowledge distances have been shortened and men’s life had been made easy and secure through knowledge.


So knowledge is regarded as wealth of nation. It adds to it beauty. Through knowledge we can gain comforts and proerity.Knowledge is a key which wide the worlds. We have to say that there are some limutauions.Knowledge is power for good as well as evil. Knowledge must be linked to a moral order to good news due to truths it is too proved of blessing of mankind.

“Knowledge Is A Wing With Which We Can Fly To Heaven “.