The last day of my college and student life

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It is fact that the first day of college life and the last day of college are always important memories of life every student. Because a student spend a long golden time of his life and after then that being start a new and suddenly changed life.


Now I am very exited about telling you the last day and also last time at my college and student life. Its a normal day for teachers but its a special and most beautiful day for all students. Because its a day witch have full of memory remembering surprises for all boys and girls because they spend very good friend made period. Some of us boys and girls were nervous not enough but a little and some of my friends were happy to finishing there student life. Who knew that there life was going to be good. I was feeling nervous too and worried about next part of my life.


In last day of college we reached the college at our regular time but the college was looking different from other days. I felt that the whole atmosphere was friendly that day. It was a good feeling that teachers made punishing us now meting us our best friends or big brothers. We go to our class room and waited for the first period to start. First three lectures went just fine.


After the break, it was the lecture subject of urdu. Our teacher told us about his experience made him in his life and advised us not to worry an be confident about the future plans and make sure that it has been wonderful and full of life inshallah. as it was not in our hands. He told us that we did our best to give us a chance in the practical life. and then hope for the best to happen he told us that.


Hope and pray for the best future and work hard.


After that, it was the lecture of English subject. teacher also had a deep insight human psychology. He asked us to give him a piece of paper. He told us to write our names and address on that paper for if he was missing us then he will made contact us. he is really a good teacher and a very faithful human.

After all lectures was done, we was decided to have a party in present day. That was a good idea as in that way we could reduce our tension and depression. All of us gave fifty rupees each to another to pay for party expenses. After the college time, we gathered at a restaurant and had a meal. It was a great fun for all of us enjoyed and tired to lower our tension.


All of us shared our thought with one another. That helped us a lot. Almost everyone had a same story but the words were different.


After the party, all of us hugged each other. I have to decide the last look of my college. It was a great look. The building looking great.


The last look ended my last day of college and I reached home with great memories and happy face

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