The Life Of Dina

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Charles was the great king of the Wales. He had a wife Dina, the princess of Wales. They had two sons. The name of their princes was William and Henry, Henry was also known as Harry. And these sons are the second and third owner of throne of United Kingdome.

After and before the engagement o Diana and Prince Charles the whole media of all united Kingdome were remain constant on the all situation of their gathering. All world sights were on the wedding of Diana and Charles. Their marriage were not remain successful and they break up with each other. After some time of their marriage they became far apart from each other.

The Dina became very famous when she was a princess of Wales. In the beginning of 1980 the Diana started large number of project of charity. She was the main and essential supporter of Ban Landmines campaign, it was internationally renowned campaign. After some time in 1997 Ban Landmines campaign won the Nobel Peace Prize. When she took divorce from her husband then she began completely work with Red Cross movement. She was peace lover and wants to see the world a peaceful land. She worked to bring peace in a world.

Diana did not take part in any political campaign. She was working only for humanity as a common woman. Unfortunately her vehicle was strike somewhere accidently and she got frequent death. This sad event brought grief and sorrow in the core of heart of all people in all over the global. She was a princess but she left her luxury and comfort life and brought herself in self indulging and served the humanity till death. Diana was died in April 2008 in car accident.