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The message of Islam is universal and eternal. It does not confine itself

Only to the private life of a man it deals with all aspects of human existence.

It provides guidance in all spheres of life individual and social material and spiritual economic and political, legal and cultural, national and international it reminds man of the purpose of his life on earth of his duties and obligations towards himself, his family, his neighbors, his community, his society and his creator. It teaches man how to live in this world and to prepare himself for the next. The greatness of Islam lies in the fact that while all other religions deal only with the spiritual aspect of human life Islam gives a complete code of human life worldly as well as spiritual. Islam is the only religion in the world whose followers are required to believe not only in Allah and in the last prophet, hazrat Mohammad p.b.u.h but also to believe in the previous prophets and to make no distinction between them.

The faithful are required to believe in the holy Quran revealed by Allah to the holy prophet p.b.u.h and also in the previous scriptures.

It’s the purpose of Islam to gather  to gather religious truths from the previous faiths, to separate them falsehood, to teach the realities which had not been taught by the earlier religions and to meet all the moral and spiritual requirement of an ever changing society. 

prepared and organized by M.sahim (Hakimzada)

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