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Metabolism is the essential function of living matter; On it build up all other living qualities. That was on March 25th. Already in the early morning, when I woke up, I knew it would be a difficult and very nervous day for me .. I looked at the alarm clock, it was 6 o'clock"

It's very early - I thought - I have to sleep. Today I have a driving test. "I tried to sleep. The core element of the metabolism is the metabolism. It is the part of the metabolism, which is between the uptake of a substrate and the excretion of the resultant end product. Household aid from Poland. Between the 15 EU members, the borders are already open and if we are to join the European Union (as planned) in 2006, increasing the number of stars will also make traveling (at least in the West) easier and faster , Because the speed plays a very important role in our time. But I was very nervous.

My stomach hurt. I got up, got dressed, washed and walked with my dog. Household aid from Poland. I did not eat breakfast. To 10 to 8 I went to the bus stop. At 9 o'clock the driving test started. Household aid from Poland. I had been there half an hour earlier. I drove with the white Nissan Micra. I was very scared. But everything was good and I do not have to repeat anything. By deviating from the most frequented streets and highways, not only will we, but also those who have no other alternative, spare the trouble. Well, and the long waiting times? There we can try, if it is not just too cumbersome to pass the border in smaller, less known places. Care for the elderly Poland. The problem of the queues, however, will soon be part of the history of Europe. After that, six women and 10 men went on. Support from Poland.

Of course, I have successfully passed the first driving test. The second test was in the city and started at 11am. A woman has only driven. Care for the elderly Poland. You and two other persons have denied. I had bad thoughts. Household aid from Poland. I said- "Tomasz you must be quiet. You have to pass this exam! "I said so and done so. When I left the examination car, I thought I'd finally get it. Old people from Poland. I am very happy, happy and I would like to laugh. I immediately called my father and said, "Father, I have passed the driving test, without difficulties", "I am proud of you" -has answered my father. This was the day I never forget. That was the best day in my life. Every day, we are shocked by such reports as "on the A3 you should expect disabilities" or "due to the renovation of the road, the right lane will be blocked on the A1 between Vienna and Salzburg". Old people from Poland. Everybody knows it.

This could be called the root cause. Now, seriously. Where or perhaps better, how do the congestion and long waiting times at the border transitions occur? There are a lot of causes: many cars, bad road network, construction sites, strict customs regulations. Old people from Poland. The radio, the TV and the Internet report on it, but where does it come from? I mean, how do you get traffic jams? The problem affects all people. Both the young people who have just passed the driving license and the adults who have been driving on a daily basis. Support from Poland. Traffic is the problem of the XX century. Everything began when the wheel was invented in the Stone Age. Support from Poland. All these are the triggers for the long queues on the motorways and on the borders.

What can we do about it? Well, we can, for example, Less busy secondary roads in our route, or we can completely give up the use of the car and move by train. Support from Poland. For those who can not simply park their car in the garage, there are so-called "Autoreisenzüge".

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