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I found three websites who are own by the same person. I call them Moons sites (Because that's what they use). I don't know who owns it, but, they are for three coins: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. You need a address for each coin(Bitcoin address starts with a 1, Dogecoin address starts with a D, and Litecoin address starts with a L) or you can start an Xapo account and use your e-mail for the Bitcoin one. 

The cashouts for each are the following:

Bitcoin: You have to earn 5500 satoshis in order to be cashout or if you are using xapo with your e-mail, it's automatically goes to your account.

Dogecoin: You have to earn 100 Dogecoins in order to cashout to be delivered on Sunday.

Litecoin: You have to earn 500,000 litoshis to have a cashout to be delivered on Sunday.


Here are the websites:




If you sign up and get a referral link and promote it, you can get a 25% or 50% bonus for everyone who signs up under you.

Have fun!

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