The most bizarre food products ever!

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Black Burger Japan
When I saw this popping up on my screen I thought its shopped or a piece of art but eventually its being sold just like this by Burger King in Japan. The bun and cheese are colored with bamboo charcoal and for the sauce they used squid Ink. Without the sauce I might even try it - but I don't like seafood :)

Blue Tortillas
Homemade tortillas made with different food colors became so popular that a company decided to actually sell them ready for consumption.

Black Tomatoes
When I saw Black Tomatoes for the first time I thought that they must have been genetically manipulated - but I was wrong. Black Tomatoes are probably longer around then the red ones we all know today.

Blue Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter Jelli... WHAT? No thanks, you can keep this blue "something" to yourself - if served on a pink bread then maybe but not like this!

Blk. Black Water
Finally water for Goths! I thought this company would be out of business for a long time already but I was wrong. You can find stores near you on their website

Multicolored Corn - Developed
This is not Photoshop nor is it food color or any other trick. These colorful corn has been developed by a Native American farmer over time breeding corns with some odd colored kernels together until he got to this result.

Blue and Pink Butter
No this isn't frosting or a syrup - its BUTTER. I'm not sure if fat in a playful color is good for the health of our kids but well no one is forced to buy it, right?

Purple Ketchup
A test run by Heinz Ketchup that didn't last long. As mentioned in the main description before - Ketchup just needs to be red!

Ore Ida Kool Blue Funky Fries
Wow - What a name! But no matter how fancy they name it and considering that there are really blue potatoes growing naturally - this doesn't even look like there is any real potatoe inside...

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