The most popular London tourist attractions

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This world is vast enough to experience the beauty and charm present in it. Our whole planet is enriched with a number of climates and architecture. Every part of the earth owns some specific charm which is worth seeing. If you are a tourist and love to experience different areas you must be familiar with the London. London is, of course, one of the biggest and famous cities of U.K. It is the capital of U.K also.

London is one of the internationally leading cities with a population of 8 million. London is a busy, noisy and multicultural city. The fashion, art, commerce, business and architecture of London are remarkable. It is known for its development and success that’s why people from all over the world are found in London.



Besides that London is also a hallmark of its beautiful places. There are many places in London whom everyone wants to see once. People travel from different parts of the world for enjoying the astonishing sites of London. If you also want to know about the most attractive tourist places in London, this article will help you. This post is all about the most famous sites of London. I am going to discuss each place one by one. Your visit to London is incomplete without visiting these places.

The most popular London tourist attractions

Tower of London



Tower of London is one of the most popular London tourist attractions. This tower played many roles; it was a prison initially in 1100 to the mid-twentieth century. One of the most famous people is kept in that prison.

With time, this tower is transformed into a treasure vault. This magnificent tower fulfilled all the roles magnificently. The heritage of London is saved in this tower. It allows visitors to get knowledge about the history of this tower as a lot happened here. It’s a wonderful place for experiencing the beautiful architecture. Visitors spend hours in this tower because a lot of things are present in this beautiful place.

Buckingham Palace of London

I have seen Buckingham Palace in movies and animations but never visited. My curiosity about visiting Buckingham is increasing with time. This palace is also one of the most popular London tourist attractions. Buckingham Palace is the main residence of Queen Elizabeth-II. Although this palace is not the private property of queen she still lives here. It opens only in summer for the public. The opportunity of visiting this palace comes only once a year in which the public can visit even the rooms of Buckingham Palace.



This place is really amazing as it showcases the lifestyle of the royal family. Besides that, the guards of Buckingham Palace are worth seeing. They change their position once each morning. People love to visit this significant place in London as it is full of wonders.


The British Museum of London

If you want are interested in history and want to gain up your knowledge, you must visit the British Museum.  The British Museum is also a most popular London tourist attraction. The visitors of London never skip this museum because this place is full of history and how human evolve from their beginning. It reflects the life of a human on earth in the form of a story so that everyone can understand and relate.

Ancient objects, materials, mummies etc. are showcased in this museum. It contains more than 13 million artefacts that belong to different parts of the world. Most antique and priceless pieces of arts are present in this museum. The history of humans is saved in London. This place is surely going to mesmerize you as it is full of surprises.



London eye

London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel found at the bank of the river Thames. This wheel contains 25 capsules that are used for carrying people. People ride on London eye for experiencing the marvellous view from a height of 135 meters. This thrilling experience is a bit horrible but once you feel the joy of being at height, you are going to love it. You can never see London the way it looks from the London Eye. This place is the most visited site in London. A number of people visit this place each year. The fantastic view of London from this wheel is beyond anything.



Westminster Abbey of London

Another location that is worth seeing in London or can be called as the most popular London tourist attraction is Westminster Abbey. It is basically a large Gothic church that is located in the west of the Palace of Westminster. This building has a remarkable status as it is the most remarkable religious places of U.K. This is also famous for the royal weddings. All the royal weddings are preferred in this church. It is a remarkable place in London. You must visit this worthy place in London.



National Gallery of London

If you are an art lover or love paintings, the best place for you in London is only the National Gallery. This gallery is one of the biggest art museums in the world. It contains the ancient European paintings of all times.  World most appreciated artwork is kept in the national gallery. London is enriched with everything from architecture to art. The national gallery is too vast to visit. All the treasures of art are stored under one roof in the national gallery. Surely, it is also one of the most popular London tourist attractions.



These places are the most popular tourist attractions of London. A lot more beautiful places are also present in London, you can also visit them. Down here is a video that will  guide you more. I hope you like it.


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