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ALLAMAIQBALL was born in Sialkot on November 9 1877. His father belonged to Kashmir .His father sheikh NOOR MUHAMMAD was a religious and pious man. His mother IMAM BIBI was also a pious lady. Their training deeply impressed his life. He completed his studies of the HOLY QURAN in early age. He passed his a matriculation examination from the local mission high school. He passed his intermediate examination from the MUURY COLLEG Sialkot. He studies law in England and become a barrister. Then he went to GERMENY where he studied philosophy and was awarded a P.H.D degree.


        . He spent most of his fine in poetry. In his poetry he gave the MUSLIMS the message of hope. He is the poet who woke up the Muslims of Hindustan He is biggest POETER in the world. His poetry is full of massage and he is best friend of QUAID AZ AZAM, these two friend thought of new Country of the Muslims ALLAMA IQBAL is a poet who is true reformer for the MUSLIMS. He is the tried his best for the freedom of MUSLIMS. The MUSLIMS are the slaver of the HINDU as well as English ALLAMA IQBAL is the only one who do work through poetry.

       He work many poems but the best know is (SHILWA AND JAWAB SHIKWA). These are the poems in which he talks with the god almighty. He believes that if the MUSLIMS are united and they are ready to work together then they get freedom. He is the freedom who gives the KHUTBA ALLAHABAD in 1940. In which he said that we are different from HINDU in every way of life. His POETRY is very good and entrusting. He passed away on the 21st of friend April 1938. He was buried in Lahore near the BADSHAHI mosque.

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