The Nature Of Web Design

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As a web designer, you spend a lot of time creating page and tweaking them
until they look good in your browser. Before you grow too attached to the
way your page look on your screen, you should know that it is likely to look
different to other people. That’s just the nature of web design—you can’t
guarantee that everyone will see your page the way you do. The way your site
looks and perform is at themercy of a number of variable such as browser
version, platform, monitor size, and the preference or special needs of each
individual user. Your page may also be viewed on a mobile device like a cell
phone, or using an assistive device like a screen magnifier or a screen reader.
This unpredictable nature of the Web is particularly challenging if you have
experience designing for print, where what you design stays put. As a print
designer who made the transition to web design, I found I needed to let go
of controlling thing such as page size, typography, and precise color. Having
a solid understanding of the web environment allow you to anticipate and
plan for these shifting variable. Eventually, you’ll develop a feel for it.
This chapter look at the ways in which browser, user configuration, platform,
connection speed, computer monitor, and alternative browsing environment
affect the design and functionality of web pages.

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