The New director of the Afghan Orphanages

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When Sayed Abdullah Hashemi was growing up in an orphanage in Afghanistan a couple of decades ago, the living conditions weren’t the best and life was not easy. As a result, he was determined to grow up and become someone who would help others in getting a better life. So when he became Afghanistan’s Director of Orphanages, he began working swiftly and efficiently. 7 months into the job now, and he is already making a lot of changes in the lives of the orphan children – they now live in better conditions and receive a lot of love and care.

Hashemi has made a start by conducting surprise checks at the orphanages. He checks on the cleanliness, the education system, the kitchen, the laundry, etc to make sure everything is functioning smoothly and as meant to be. His compassion and empathy towards the children makes him very popular and loved among the kids. He personally visits them and hears them talking about their problems and difficulties. He knows the children and their issues individually.

While there still is a long way to go, Hashemi is already working very hard to ensure all corruption disappears from the system. He has forced the authorities, who he thanks profusely for helping him in his mission, to implement new laws and rulings against the corrupt officials of orphanages who are responsible for the children suffering. He wants to ensure these children never face what he faced. And this makes him a true role model. He works from the grass-root level and ensures the children have the best lives.

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