The new Opera del Duomo Museum, how did Renaissance influence your life?

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I moved to the USA in 1990 and never lost my Florentine accent; when people meet me they ask where I am from, I usually say, "Florence, the capital of Renaissance". My answer sparks a light in their face usually of admiration and a positive comment on the artistic beauty of my home town. Florence carries with itself an incredible responsibility in the history of modern human evolution. As a Florentine I do carry the duty to remind all of its importance in history and their lives.


Institutions like the New Opera del Duomo Museum are the essence of Florence and its perpetual importance in preserving the history of of the World. The children in the ornamental sculpture "Cantoria" by Luca Della Robbia, here below, trigger my imagination as a conversation between children of the Renaissance about what lays ahead in the next 600 years.

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The video here below are an introduction to the New Opera del Duomo Museum. The first is a Virtual travel in this incredible Museum and its treasures.


and the second an introduction to the Museum itself as you can see it in real life.



Please watch those videos, and if this triggers in you interest and emotions please comment below this short article on how Renaissance influenced your life. This will help me to identify the candidates for this ongoing project I am looking to establish on BitLanders and our extended community of 180 million people allover the World.


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Ciao e grazie

Francesco Rulli

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