The New World Order

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The New World Order often referred to as a conspiracy theory is a great concern for every human being on the planet Earth. According to this theory there would be one single government that will rule the world. The whole population of the world will be made to obey the rules and regulations put forward by this totalitarian state government. There will be no independent states. Paper currency will be completely discarded and electronic currency will be implemented. This system would be more like a martial law than being democratic. No one will be allowed to live life according to his choice.

It is thought that this concept of New World Order has emerged against the arrival of Anti-christ. However it can also be said that this theory emerged due to a few seleted elite because they want to gain control over the whole world inorder to fulfil their urge of being the supreme authority. The American former president George W. Bush in his speech on foreign policy once used this term “New World Order” and he deliberately said that his policies would be helpful in bringing or nourishing this stated change in the world.

According to a belief there are some secret societies which aim to bring the New World Order into action as soon as possible. These societies perform rituals and conspiracies all over the world.

The world nowadays , no doubt is very compact and small due to the internet and communication facilities, but there is still a very huge time left for these conspiracy theories to become true. These theories are intended to make a mind set rather than being seriously implemented.

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