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You remember the days as a kid, when somebody your brother, sister, friend or childhood enemy challenged you in terms of your strength and you would battle it out…arm wrestling?

Well that’s how some kids tend to do it and adults for that matter as well. I hadn’t realized how serious these matches get until I came upon the New York Arm Wrestling Association (NYAWA).


The NYAWA hosts a series of different competition within the boroughs, crowning locals as the kings and queens of arm wrestling, with media coverage, sponsors, prizes, the works.


NYAWA recently awarded the MVP’s of the 36th Annual Big Apple Grapple International at Cheap Shots Sport Bar in Flushing Queens to Mike Selearis Left Hand MVP, Mike AyelloNYC’s King of Arms and Ana Kenah of NYC.

Think of the compliments and praise you would get from your friends and family for conquering such a feat and showcasing your medal or crown on your mantel. Even though its not Olympic Gold medal, it is still a feat for us New Yorkers. 

Now I know we’ve all heard a bunch of different rules whenever challenging someone to an arm-wrestling match that usually takes place at a bar of some kind but, the NYAWA’s regulations consist of 60 rules that must be followed to claim a true winner of the arm wrestle.


These rules include the general, elbows must be on the table, no using your shoulder or head to foster some extra power, a foul is given, a limp dead wrist also constitutes as a foul, and if an accidental grip-slip occurs, the referee that must be present will determine the foul.

As with most sports in the United States, you are advised to warm-up your arm before the competition to improve your performance because you don’t want a limp dead wrist or your arm to cramp up at the last second, that would be a shame.

So in this diverse world of sports in New York, if you’re ever interested in participating or watching an official arm-wrestling competition, look up the NYAWA website for some updates on locations and dates.


I must say, seeing or partaking in an intense arm-wrestling competition is definitely one of those memories you will never forget.  


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