The outdoor games that I like the Best

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There are so many games that i like very much. All the children and young generation are like the outdoor games. In every country of the world there are proper system was established for the outdoor games.

The government established the big ground in every big city where the young generation play different types of games and spend their time in a better way . Those areas there is no proper setup of outdoor games and other curricular activities where are young generation are indulged in different types of criminal activities and in those areas the crime rate is increasing day by day.

Outdoor games are very beneficial not only for spending quality time but also for physical fitness and good health. In outdoor games i like the game of cricket because in cricket match the body will take the exercise and keep physically fit for this game not only develop our personality but also in the city to do more work.

It becomes us active and healthy. This game was played by both team work sportsman spirit. If the coordination will not be present in the team then they do not win . The team in which the player will be active and have a proper coordination exist between them  , will always successful because sportsmanship is the key of success.

Sportsmanship demands the defeat and success should be accepted with honor because it is not matter which are lose or win  but the important thing is that the players play the game with honesty, and peaceful manner. Cricket match is very healthy games because it helps for growing especially for the younger generation. In the countries of the world cricket is most popular in younger generation. Cricket match will be played both nationally and internationally.

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