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Iqbal made them realize that their salvation lay in a separate state in the north-west of India. In his famous session of Allahabad, he made it clear to the people of India that the unity between the two communities was not possible and the only constitutional solution of the problem was to dive India into two autonomous states.

 It was in1940 that the Pakistan Resolution was passed at Lahore and within a short span of seven years; Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. Pakistan is a state of the Muslims, by the Muslims for the Muslims. It has come to exist in the world. 

For it, the Muslims of India offered sacrifices. They not only left their homes but their blood relations as well. The families were divided but the Muslims had only one thing before them that they had to live in a state where their life, property and faith will be protected.

No doubt, some of the miscreants are trying to create bad blood among the people of Pakistan but they will fail in their efforts for Pakistan is going to remain a country of the Muslims where they will live in peace and harmony and will promote brotherhood among them.

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