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From 910 to 1757, the Muslims remained the rulers of the sub-continent. It was during their reign that India was called the golden sparrow which attracted the European traders who established their colonies along the coast of Calcutta. However, the English began to grow powerful and they got involved in several conflicts and clashes with the rulers of the country.

The last battle was fought between Nawab Siraf-ud-Daula of Bengal and Robert Clive of England. With the victory of the English forces, the future of the Indians became bleak for the Muslims rule came to an end and the English became the absolute rulers of the country.

However, the Muslims kings held the nominal rule although they have no say in the affairs of the government. The Muslims and the Hindus made a joint effort to overthrow the yoke of slavery but the result of the battle of 1857 stamped the authority of the English over the fate of India for centuries to come.

The Hindus got ready to cooperate with the new rules and joined hands with them to inflict atrocities on the Muslims. The doors of education were shut on the Muslims. They were not given their proper rights in the government of the country.

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