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The people of the caves is a very appealing and revealing study of the ways of living of the old cave men. It is common belief that the people of the caves were savages. But the writer rejects this false nation and says that they were not cruel, stupid and uncivilized as we imagine them to be.

 They were powerful, skillful, artistic and hardworking people. They made roofed they caves to protect them against weather. They were mostly hunters and fisher men and lived on hunted animals. They did not know farming and cooking. They remained naked in summer and wear animal skin dresses in winter. They used fire to warm themselves and to light their houses.

They kept no domestic animal except dog. It was their faithful friend in hunting and house watching. Cavemen were very great craftsman and their own field. They made wonderful tools from stone and ivory. These tools are found in almost all the museums of the world from Texila to Oxford shrines. They made hand axes, knives, needles, saws and drills with wonderful skill. It is impossible to equal their skill even today. They prepared matchless skin dresses with these tools. They made ivory buttons for their dresses.


Today the world museums are full of their tools and weapons. They were wise people and passed on their skill to their coming generations. Cavemen were great artists in their own field. Their arts have been found everywhere. There has been found a status of Siberian girls with a skin suit, trousers and a hood. Their famous painting of awizard is a master piece of art. A house head made of ivory is a matchless proof of their sculpture. Cows and baffaloes made of stone have also been discovered. All these friends brave that the cavemen had a fine taste for art, crafts and dedication.  

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