The Place You Call Home

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I love The Daily Muse blog - and it's because the photography is natural & so pleasing; and the writing is great; and it offers a lot of health tips (Rebecca is a nutritionist...and well, I'm always looking for reminders to stay healthy and limit my chips and salsa addiction :)

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of having Rebecca photograph our little home.  MAJOR SCORE FOR THE KOFOEDS.  I'd been dreaming of having some photos like hers. :)  

Rebecca lives in Manhattan, so it's always flattering to have a friend be Brooklyn bound.  Once a friend gets here, we hope that they have forgotten about their longer commute so we can start in on the Brooklyn sales pitch.  haha.  "Come to Brooklyn!  The neighborhood is full of dog lovers!  You can live by Prospect Park!"  We conveniently worked in a stroll to Prospect Park, where Rebecca took these photos and we were able to show her some of the magic of Brooklyn.  I may be dreaming here, but I think there's a chance we might have a new neighbor in the near future.   ;)

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