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Newspaper is an important means of information in the present day world. Every day, it makes its readers informed of all the important happenings in various parts of the world. It tells us about the war between Iraq and America, it informs us about the activities of different politicians of the world. However, there is no denying the fact that it is a double edged weapon.

Whereas it plays an important role in formulating the opinions of the people, it can mislead the people about different important issues of national and international importance. During deletions, newspaper has an important role to play. It informs the readers about the programs of different political parties. It publishes gallop surveys and tells the people which party is likely to win the coming election.

It also highlights the political leaders that are becoming popular among the voters as well those that are losing the confidence of the voters. It presents and overall picture of the political parties so that people are able to formulate a correct opinion about the parties and their leaders. Different newspapers publish different supplements on different topic.

The lovers of literature have literary articles and those interested in games, get special issues on sports and games. Film fans are able to get news about their favorite stars. At the time, there are different advertisements for different people. The unemployment people are mostly interested in advertisements situation vacant.

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