The Pretty, and the Ugly of Careers in the US: Part 1- Best Jobs in America

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Careers of USA: Part 1- Best jobs in America

Many people aren’t open to new ideas, or revolutionized thoughts on aspects, that might be very important in life- especially if you are young. What I am trying to get at is, when you are young, and looking for a job, we usually spend so much time trying to attain a career that might not be worth it, and also might not be as good as the “similar” careers revolving around you that you desperately want, however these similar jobs are overlooked. What exactly are the best jobs on the planet right now; taking everything into account: such as, of course, the amount of pay you are receiving a year; if the job offers you a contented work place, etc. So let’s get straight down to the facts.

                What are the best possible, attainable jobs lurking out there, that you can have with just a Bachelor Degree? Many are going straight for the gold when they try to become doctors, however Nursing is overlooked…a starting salary for a Nurse ranges between 60-70 k annual income a year. The projected employment is 26%, and the unemployment rate in the job for being a RN is why not? It’s a underrated job, and of course you usually become under appreciated, but the pay is fine, and after all it isn’t that difficult of a job.

                People that are Financial planners are also making decent cash: The average salary for people who work in the finance is $67,000 a year. This job is also in demand; considering the state our economy is in, we really need people who fluently understand how to manage money, and investments. On to the next: teaching education. This can be argued, since many people believe being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs there is, and not worth it (USA is also full of teachers). However, median salary for one is $52,000 a year- and if you start early at 20, by 45 you can retire and make a comfortable $100,000 + for the rest of your life. Now, these jobs mentioned so far are great, but what are the highest ranking jobs?


                Top 3 careers in America today: Again, this can be reasoned with, however ranks are based on stress, income, physical demands,  and job growth potential. Number one job works with finance; and Actuary. A starting actuary can make around an easy $87,000 a year; an amount that potentially can increase over time to the likes of above 130 k. The PJG (projected job growth) is high, at 27%. This job is calling us people! And don’t worry you bio-freaks out there: science is up next. Biomedical Engineer stands at #2, making a median salary of $82,000 a year (annual income, of course, increases the longer you are in the system). What’s not to like? The importance of scientists is coming into day light view, as the PJG for this job is an impressive 62%. Engineering + medicine = fun career.

                Standing at 3rd, is a Software engineer. This job is behind bio-engineer, and Actuary, however these engineers make more money than the top 2 (if that’s what you worry about), a salary consisting of $91,000 coming every year. What exactly do they do? Computer related stuff: which can be fun for many. You get to design and develop, and evaluate, or criticize, software. PJB is 30%, and on the rise.

Stay tuned for a part 2; where the worst careers of US will be revealed.

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