The Pretty and Ugly of Careers in the USA: Part 2-Worst Jobs in America

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                Careers of USA: Part 2- Worst Jobs in America

                All careers are judged and (and rated) by several facets: The most important to some, the income…and as much as it doesn’t sound right (going for a job only because of the income), its true- the most important thing about your job is the amount of income. The working conditions come next- stress also falls into this category. Of course, many jobs have physical demands, however many don’t so this is an optional observation of your job/forthcoming job. This one matters a lot to surprisingly many people: the environment around you (mental wise). Is their competiton in your office? Does the public make riots outside your company’s factories? Last but not least, the potential growth your career has- which includes employment growth, income growth, and if you work for a company, size of the company increasing etc….things like that. So now since the criteria is mentioned, lets get straight down to the business.

                Once people enter college, at first it is hard to decide what degree you will be trying to master. Although many people are told to “follow your dreams”, sometimes its not meant to be…one of degrees with the worst employment opportunities is the degree for the Fine Arts- so pretty much painting. Enjoyable? Sure, but can you survive on it? Let’s just say you are better off working in your local school cafeteria (money wise). And it’s a shame that philosophy and religious studies may be one of the most interesting degrees out there; however they have one of the smallest employment opportunities. Unemployment rate stands at 10.8%. And how can I ever leave out degrees for Film, Video and Photography? Although if you potentially achieve success, you won’t have to worry about anything, the chances are putting you against the ropes- it’s one of the most crowded fields in USA to date. It is infamously competitive as well.

Making it into Hollywood = Cash...but if not, you will be working very hard, and receive very little in return. 

                I mentioned the degrees that receive small amount of opportunities, and now its time to exploit the not so much relished jobs out there. Arguably, an Oil Rig Worker by multiple sources has been ranked the worst job to be enrolled into currently in America. First off, you constantly have danger gnawing into your back; and let’s just say it’s not the cleanest job. Projected Job Growth is not something to brag about, at 8% and decreasing…median salary is $36,000 a year. Next up is an actor; now don’t get me wrong, everyone has a chance of getting into Hollywood or Broadyway (but the chances are low), and if you do you will be wiping yourself with paper towels made out of cash. HOWEVER, I put an emphasis on the incredibly small chances…and you can be the best actor in America, and still not make it big because the industry relies on connections and chance. If you are an average actor, like everyone else, you will make a pathetic $17 an hour…that’s $2 than what McDonald employees are striking for ($15). Project Job Growth is also pathetic- slumping at 4%.

Oil Rug Workers- it doesn't look like fun, and you don't get fun either by glancing at your check!

        Next up is being an enlisted military personal- now too many, being a personal in the military isn’t considered a job, but they do average about $41,000 a year- still more than an actor. HOWEVER, you are in the military- you are working your ass off. Its stressful! Newspaper Reporters don’t do any better- the median salary for them is $36,000 and the job growth development for them is one of the lowest in all career options…around 5% below zero. That’s right, they are declining.

                Fun Fact: Actors are making 35 k a year, along with Newspaper Reporters, meanwhile it has been proven that a Stripper can average up to about 125 k a year- doesn’t make oil rig workers look to good either.

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