The Price to Pay for a Education

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For most children across the world going to school means gathering knowledge in preparation for a bright future. And it generally means children are at the one place where they have nothing to focus on other than getting an education. However, schooling in Afghanistan is recognized as an opportunity for the Taliban to spread fear and rampage. In the minds of normal people, there's a saying "children are the future," but that's not the case for some people in Afghanistan.

In the last several weeks over 800 children have been poisoned while at school. These poisonings are showing control, capability, and quite frankly, just how putrid the Taliban is. Women in the country already have a hard enough time being respected and earning rights. Now girls ranging in ages from 10 to 20 have to worry about getting through a full day of class without being attacked. This makes some parents second guess if an education is worth it or not if their child's well being is on the line.

The lack of education in Afghanistan continues to be a black eye for the war-torn country, but now education is a way for terrorists to impose their will if they don't agree with something. The Khost, Balkh, and Takhar provinces have all seen children hospitalized with headaches, vomiting, dizziness, and unconsciousness because of poisonings that were Taliban retaliations. In other provinces schools are still fully directed as to what and when they learn due to the stronghold the Taliban has. And if guidelines are not followed, children are subject to severe physical violence (e.g., acid thrown on them) and risk the school(s) being closed down completely.

When health becomes a factor of deciding to go to school or not, there is a concern that needs to be seriously addressed. Unfortunately, Afghanistan education is seeing a double threat of physical harm and closed-minded curriculum. And though some parts of the country try to educate normally, there continues to be struggles everyday. Consistent efforts from the Afghanistan Government, NATO, and Film Annex are bright spots that work to bring education forward in the country. Hopefully, the good guys prevail which allows Afghan children to learn peacefully like the rest of the world.

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