The Printer

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The Printer

A printer is an output device used to print text and images over a piece of paper. A printer's output is usually called hard copy. Different printers are meant for different applications. The cost of a printing product plays a great role in the choice of a printer.

The laser printer

A laser printer can print huge volumes at a great speed. Also called a page printer, a laser printer prints the whole page at a time. A personal laser printer is usually employed by a single user in personal capacity and prints 4-6 pages per minute. The shared laser printer is used by multiple users, e.g. at offices, and can print up to 30 pages a minute.

Color printers that print one color are called monochrome. Some laser printers are also installed with a photocopier, scanner or a fax machine. A laser printer doesn't produce much noise, can print both sides and produces fine results.


The Thermal Printer

A thermal printer uses heat energy to burn images over a specially designed paper. Sometimes a thermal printer would be used at POS terminal. Some thermal printers can give a very high quality text and image output.


The ink-jet printer

A typical inkjet printer operates by injecting an ink of multi-colors over the paper at very high speed measured in papers per minute (ppm). Mostly inkjet printing is required to print images captured by digital cameras. They are also employed in advertising for colored objects.

Inkjet printing costs higher while the printers are lighter in weight. The imprints of inkjet are not sharper than those produced by lasers.

Certain models of inkjet have gone obsolete today.


The dot-matrix printer

A dot matrix or the character printer (a character printer is one that prints one character at one time) prints by striking a series of pins over a print head ribbon and the impression is taken over a reel of paper loaded with the help of a paper tractor. The dot-matrix is inexpensive and durable but the output is not sharp enough and makes a lot of noise during printing and is pretty slow. They are mostly used at POS terminals.

Among other kinds are daisy wheel printer (also a character printer), drum and chain printers (the latter two kinds come in the category of line printers that print a line at a time).


The Plotter

A printing device that gives high quality output using colored pens. Plotters give large sized multicolored printing of maps and technical drawings.



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