The prohibited area of France

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Nobody can enter this area of France. The level of toxicity is very high because of the war.

France, the country of the Eiffel tower, green meadows and majestic castles; where they eat frog legs, snails, and fine wine is made. Sure the above is in the minds of many people when they are talking about the land and traditions. However, there is an area called the "Zone Rouge", which no one can enter due to the toxic soil and water. Everything that is in this sector is dead or carries death within itself, because arsenic levels are extreme and poison any human or animal to be established and meet their basic needs with environmental resources.

The war left its mark on the "Zone Rouge" waste found there consist basically of hundreds of human bodies and rusty missiles. The place is small, measuring 1,200 square kilometers, and the area was declared with "total prohibition" is 100 kilometers: this is the epicenter of what toxic. Today, the forest has covered the bodies and ammunition hidden, but the blanket of dirt or grass that is on them has become more rapid absorption of chemicals, so agriculture has no meaning there.

Recently, a research group came to the area to document and take pictures. The images show the state of neglect in which it is, but there is no evil at first glance, but a forest that unfolds smoothly. Although if we analyzed microscopically all, another would be our perception. The photos below were taken by Olivier Saint Hilaire, thanks to his work we know this inhospitable and mysterious place:

After the war, many hunters enters these woods without knowing that the levels of arsenic and other chemicals were extremely toxic. It was not until 2004 that German researchers discovered the danger of wandering through these routes. The soil arsenic levels were 17%, 10 thousand times more than the typical levels studied.

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