The reason why joined Bitlanders

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Hello my Bitlanderfriends!

We just started to make our first cartoons for children. For a long time we wanted to create cartoons for kids and we must say we enjoy doing it! At this moment we make cartoons in English and in Dutch.

We call it a hobby and its fun to do it.

The big reason we join Bitllanders is not only to get more exposed. There are so many people who are passionate about what they are doing. We understand that support each other means a loth.


So we try to use Bitlanders not only to support ourself but others. Make sure to subscribe, comment and like our videos and we will do the same!

We are also open for constructive criticism!:)

Hope you guys enjoy it because your reactions keeps us motivated!

Fish cartoon for kids

Garbage truck cartoon for kids

Vissen en zeedieren leren voor kinderen.

Vuilniswagens en kleuren.


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