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After the darkness of middle ages, the renaissance was the rebirth of human desire to know more and explore the world. It was a movement in literature, art and thought to which ancient Greek and Roman civilization provided inspiration. The existing ideas of the times recieved a death blow because of the knew ideas brought about by the renaissance and the old world became new. As a result play rights, scientists and explores came to the scence and helped to bring about the great change.

At the end of thirteenth century crusaders brought back the Europe new ideas and luxury goods which were welcome by the upper class. This led to growth in trade. Ports flourished and trade routs grew, merchants and traders were the entrepreneurs of 14th century. Peasants were freed by  their lords. knights found country life dull so they did not return to their lands. Plaque also caused shortage of labour in the country side. All their caused breakdown of feudal system. Poeple had to look for new oppertunities so they were attracted to towns.

In the 15th century, florence was marvellios. It was a true renaissance city full of life and business activity. It had successful banks, prosperous business, wealthy citizens, artists, artisans etc. Its geographic position made it the main hub of trade between north and south of Europe. These attractions made the tallented and skillful poeple rush to city and help it become more developed.

Florentines were living in a golden age. The citizen were also resourceful, energatic and creative which made them succsssful in trade. They used initiative, jumped at trade in silk, wood and flax and also setup textile industory. The profits made florense a finansial capital leading families wanted to incresase money and raise thier standered of living which was a good news for artists, artisans, sculptors, architects etc. They encouraged by their wealthy patrons to experiment in their work and thus art and architecture flourished.

Another gift of renaissance was humanism an intereest in the world and the desire to know more. With the discovries of Markopolo, the ignorant people came to know about the world around them. The stories of new islands, plants, animals, precious gems etc stired people interest. Besides the translated manuscripts from the ancient world and spread of education opened the world. Invension of printing press brought cheaper books and ideas spread quickly. The impact of humanism and art and architecture was also great. Too much money was spent on the beautiful cotton, castle, manners etc.

This was the new spirit which awoke in Europe with the renaissace bringing abuot an anormous change in all aspects of the human world.

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