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Islamic dogma proved to be dangerous for the authority of pagan Arabs. Their supremacy was at risk. Therefore, they began to force the holy prophet and his companions to leave their new faith. They asked them to abandon their new belief and began to worship idols. Abu Talib was kind and loving uncle of the Holy prophet. Once they sent a mission to him. They asked him to stop his nephew from preaching and practicing the new faith otherwise they would become the worst enemies of the Holy Prophet. Abu Talib got worried at this threat. He summoned the Holy Prophet and told him about the warning of pagan Arabs. The words that the Holy Prophet spoken in reply have become of historic importance. The meaning of those words are as follows. The holy prophet told his uncle that he would not give up the preaching of the oneness of  Allah though the Arabs gave him the sun and the moon in return. He said that he would be ready to die for the fulfilment of his mission.

The reply of the holy prophet moved his uncle deeply. The uncle praised the iron will of his nephew and assured him for his help. He said that the Holy prophet should continue his mission without any fear. He said that no man had enough courage to harm him. He said that he would not leave him unsupported. 

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