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The Holy Prophet continued his mission. He asked people to follow the path Allah Almighty had chosen for them. As Holly prophet got direction from Allah and had strong will, he bore all the difficulties with smiling face and honour. He lifted people to noble spiritual heights. He also made them successful in this world. These victories made high impact on human history. The Holy prophet has been admitted as the greatest person ever born. Michael hart, a great historian says that Mohammad was the sole source of religious teachings of Islam and all the decent and good values. It was only he who made the new belief and all its practices popular. As the supreme commander, he made Arabs win all the battles. He rightly deserves to be called the most leading political figure of the whole history of world. The victories of Arabs proved to be very forceful and effective. They play a key role even today.

The Holy prophet bettered man’s status. He introduced great reforms in society. He succeeded in doing all this due to his firm belief in Allah, love for human and his noble character. We must follow him in life. He is really a perfect model for us. Someone asked Hazrat Ayesha about the character of Holy prophet. She replied that his life is real presentation of the holy Quran. The holy Quran finally stamped his character as good. The holy Quran says that Allah made the Holt prophet witness, a conveyer of good news and a person who warns people of the anger of Allah. The holy Quran says that the Holy prophet with the permission of Allah invites people to him. The holy Quran says that the Holy prophet is just like a light that guides people to path of virtue.  


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