The Secret To Avoiding An eBay Suspension That Not Even The FBI Knows!

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<a href="">eBay suspensions have become more prevalent as of recent years for reasons I do not know why.</a> Sellers in the past with thousands of feedback including top rated sellers seem to disappear as the years go by! What is the cause lately of why all these suspensions seem to occur? <a href="">Well, all these restrictions and rules eBay

Who to blame? It is eBay, Paypal

What To Do To When an eBay Suspension Or Paypal Limitation Occurs?

Firstly, let's take it step by step. Let's start first with the eBay suspension. If you happen to sell fake merchandise, replicas or whatever you like to call it, it is certain you will get suspended sooner or later. This is the worse thing to sell if you happen to be in this type of market, you will receive suspensions at a high rate. <a href="">Copyright infringement is a big case for eBay and owners of that product. If you happen to go in this market, be prepared to be faced with a lot of issues in dealing with them.</a> The best solution is to stay away from these if you want your accounts to stay up. Follow the rules on listing VeRo items if your items indeed happen to be authentic. Yes, we too know that the rules placed are foolish and a bit over the top at times, but think for a moment here. There is no other site that brings in traffic and sales like eBay does. Play by the rules and they should happen to leave you alone...I think.

What About A Paypal Limitation?

Paypal limitations are bad and they simply suck! The absolute worst part is that you never know when they will come! Paypal limitations always seem to happen when you are not ready for them. But the best plan of action is to get as much money out of the account as possible. Never accept big amounts at once such as $500 or get disputes

Got Any Tips On Avoiding An eBay Suspension Or Paypal Limitation Altogether?

There is exactly no way around it unless you have secret ties into eBay

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Final Thoughts On eBay Suspensions

Simply, they suck and will continue to suck the first occurrence you encounter with them. On the other hand; the more you begin to sell, the more you become immune to suspensions and limitations. More experience you get with them, the more they will just be a stick in the mud. Always be on top and stay focused on operating lots of accounts. The hard work may seem like a lot, but it will all be worth it once your faced with a eBay suspension or Paypal limitaiton..