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Over here in the United States, FXX (A subsidiary of Fox Network channel) is running a twelve day marathon of every The Simpsons episode made (552 to be exact) in order to celebrate the upcoming 26th season which it's starting September 28th which the first episode of the season is titled "Clown in the Dumps" in which Krusty the Clown end up retiring yet again. At the same time, we are suppose to find out which character will die. Any ideal who do you think who is going to die on the show?

My thoughts is going to be Krusty's father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, since he has not been mostly been in an episode, since the last  appearance was in episode 10 of season 21 titled "Once Upon a Time in Springfield", in which the Rabbi preceded at his son's wedding to the young starlet, Princess Penelope, who admit that as a girl she was in love with the clown, but before Krusty's two number one fans, Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten crash the wedding to reveal Krusty's ex-wives, including the late Eartha Kitt (Who left a message that she divorce Krusty, six hours after they got married), that they reveal that they despise of Krusty. Penelope really wanted to marry Krusty, but, Krusty refused to marry her. You will have to see the episode yourself when you get the chance to watch it.

Okay, now I need to ask, what is your favorite episode or episodes that involve with the characters of the Simpsons and who is your favorite character on the show?

Mine is Lisa Simpson and Nelson Muntz, because in some of the episodes, the fall in love or tried to be friends, but, I do feel that they are a perfect couple, because Nelson needs guidance from Lisa if he ever wants to get through Springfield's schools and Lisa would count on Nelson to defend her from anyone who would harass her. I know that most fans of the show would disagree and hope it would be Bart's friend, Milhouse, but, as I see it, Milhouse is trying to chase Lisa, but, Lisa don't have much feelings for him. I really do say that, it's because of the way how it be and despite the writers do it, I won't see much of Milhouse is unless he would protect Lisa, which he hasn't when he is on. Mostly he's hanging with Bart or dealing with his parents situation (It has been noted that Milhouse's parents, Kirk and Luann were divorce, but, tried to rekindle their love), but, in some episodes, Lisa does care for Milhouse, but, sometimes she is jealous of him when he is with other girls. I am still not seeing a relationship between the two, especially when a "Future" theme and Christmas episode of The Simpsons titled,"Holidays of Future Passed", Lisa has a daughter named Zia, which she has no DNA of Milhouse, but, he did help Lisa through her pregnancy. (The episode hinted that Lisa had an affair with Nelson, while married to Milhouse, so, it's possible that Zia who looks like Lisa, could have DNA of Nelson as the father)

The last time that both Lisa and Nelson were together was during the second episode of season 22, "Loan-a Lisa" Lisa gets $50 from her grandfather, Abe, and decided to donate it to charity, but, instead funded a local business through a website that handles microfinance. She watched a video from Bangladeshi social entrepreneur, banker, economist, civil society leader, and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, who explains about microfinance. Lisa end up looking through and found a local business in Springfield, which it reveal that it's Nelson, who was trying to customized bikes for people. But, it was starting to decline, but, after meeting Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Nelson's business failed due to defective materials he used that he did not understand. He had to refunded everyone, but, ended up also giving Lisa's $50 to their principal, Seymour Skinner, to use for the school. Nelson ended up making up to Lisa by going to the roller rink and knocking down people, including Zuckerberg himself, which Zuckerberg post on his Facebook status, "Mark Zuckerberg is in pain!" which Nelson comment on Zuckerberg's status the usual trademark laugh, followed by Lisa who comment below Nelson's and said, "Sorry" in apologizing for Nelson and her knocking down him. It was really cute and funny that Nelson and Lisa are together in the end of that episode. Who knows what I will see between the two.

It's been noted on Wikipedia, Lisa Simpson's voice actress, Yeardley Smith, said that Lisa and Nelson would make a good match.

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