The situation of Afghan Woman

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Under this blue sky in every day and night we hear the groan and cry of Afghan woman, the one who from birth day till now just tears are familiar to her. The woman who is banned to educate and has no rights about her life, and always bothers by others. Everyone thinks she is invaluable and do everything they want with her.

But Afghan Woman is a beautiful creature who smile with a bit of kindness and cry with a bit of violence, but Afghan woman from first day are just looking by tearful eyes and has no right and just do the things which order to them and forgot their wishes.

They are bothering by even their families or relatives and in Afghanistan woman has no the right of selecting her wishes.

But Afghan girls are so sad and didn`t any happiness from the birth day and they are banned from educating and they are force to marry by force. When they come out from house will bother by others so they don`t go out because of these bothering and they are very sad and nervous about their future.

Result: everyone in Afghanistan should pay attention to woman`s right and respect them and help them to achieve their wishes.

Yes, we know all the answers of these questions so why we act reflect of that?

Now it is the term of knowledge and technology so why girls and women are not allowed to educate? We should respect them.

By Ziba Haidary

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