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We're finally over the "New Year" thing with January! How are those resolutions coming along? Just kidding. Now that February is in the house, so comes spring-like weather and the urge to go outside. This is the time of year that my frugal adventures focus more along the lines of gardening, farming and the frugal nature of homesteading itself. While I still manage to get on the internet to make some money and earn some pocket change, I find myself not sharing the "extreme couponing" aspect during spring-cleaning.

I continue to play lottos and games, winning money and stuff. I still grab freebies, while I'm online and share them with all of you, who read my posts. I have a solid routine that I stick to, but you will find that I'll be posting a few more recipes, how-to's, and gardening tips throughout the season.

Speaking of which, we are adding goats to our farm this year. Our first member has arrived. His name is Rufus. The plan, this year, is to start making our own milk, butter, cheese and meat. #FrugalLiving at its finest. :)

To top it off, I'll be glad to tell you how I mix homemade laundry detergent, make homemade marshmallow fluff and chocolate syrup! I'm often scouring the web for the next cheapest or free way of getting things done and open to advice, as well. *wink

Stay tuned!

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