The Stories of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto

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Today I am making review on one of the most popular books in society, The Stories of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto. 


First, I would recommend this book for young adults as it would be more understandable by this category of people. 


Well, the book is about our future, the way our world will be ruled by androids. The humans appear to be minority who live in fear, constantly. 

In the middle of the story the main character meets with a unique android who reveals the secret of the world's dark side...


Let me tell you directly what I think about the novel. Even though the topic "machines verses humans" is not knew, like in the movie Terminator for example; it still was the first time I read something like that. So, for me it was something new. Don't shy away and toss this book aside. It would be a mistake.  You will not be disappointed after reading this novel.


Ibis - a unique android. The Stories of Ibis are just, as the name implies, stories of the android;  7 tales / stories that are paused by portrayed interactions between Ibis and the wanderer. You can also find the book interesting, because each section, each story is written in a different genre. 


Each story is not the same. What I mean by that is each tale has different settings, characters, and so on... If you read it, you find several genres boiling in one pot. Totally unrelated at the first glance, the story is just great as a whole.



You may wonder if there is anything bad about the story... I would say no as I personally consider myself one of the most skeptical readers. It is worth to be read. So, enjoy reading The Stories of Ibis by Hiroshi Yamamoto. 


Best reader. 


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