The teacher is an agent of change (part 2)

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They fought and succeeded in getting another country named Bangladesh. That was the role of teacher. If we look at the map of the world and shuffle the pages of history there are thousands precedents. Columbus discovered America, Vasco d agama circum navigated the earth, Glallio invented microscope. Which force was behind them that they had changed the course of history? The name of that force is teacher. Only teacher made them able to prove the wonders otherwise they had the same brain of six pounds like a lay man.

Socrates was the teacher of Plato, Plato was the teacher of Aristotle and Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the great. They were the great scholars, philosophers. But history also remembers as teachers and students. When Aristotle asked the Alexander to go through the river, he replied “if Alexander dies only Alexander would dies, but if Aristotle dies thousands Alexander will die”.

Communism was one of the biggest movements of the world. Which had left everlasting impact on economic, social and cultural condition of the world? This theory was presented by call marks. Later on it was enforced and applied by Lennon in Russia. In the hands of Lennon this school of thought had touched the height of popularity. They believe of communism wanted change in the society and they brought it.

Teacher is the agent of moral values without morality no nation can stand upon its legs. Look at the past at Stone Age. When man was living in caves. He had no clothes. He had nothing to eat. But now this world is modern in front of you with the help of education. And with the help of teacher we can give change a practical shape. I am proudly telling you that all teachers are the agents of change without them this world is dark and illusion. I salute to my respected teachers,


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